Blog march 2012

Ms Nina and her friend from Hamburg, Germany and from Liege, Belgium visited of children’s home  and school in Neerpair. Ms Nina stayed here for few days as part of her India tour. Mr. David is a teacher in Sacred Heart School, Liege, Belgium. He is here third time to support the housing development social projects

A new hostel for girls and boys has been started in St Joseph’s school, Porur – Nugmbal. Rev Fr John Suresh blessed the hostel. Now there are 7 students. This hostel is special hostel to prepare students of socially underprivileged towards to competitive examinations. By which they can become diplomats and class one government officers.

Mr Martin Jensen, Hildesheim, Germany has visited our Children’s home and school in the month of October. He took part in the meeting of the “WE” group who gathered on 30th October 2011 in Neerpair in view of welcoming Mr Martin Jensen and to partially celebrate the Birthday of Rev Fr John Suresh. Fr Leo Edwin was presented during the whole program and enlightened the students by his words of appreciation.

The Nodal office meeting held on 8th December 2011 in the bishop’s house, Chingleput. Rt Rev Dr Neethinathan our Bishop, Rev Fr Ambrose the Vicar General, Rev Fr Leo Edwin the correspondent of Dr R Arulappa Higher Secondary School, Neerpair, Rev Fr John Suresh, the Nodal Agent of Aktion Indien project in India and Ms Nandhini Krishnan, the Nodal officer, Aktion Indien project in India have participated in this meeting.

These are some of the damages by the “Thane Cyclone” which had its disastrous hit on 29th December 2011. There has been lot of damages in our surrounding villages. We struggled for more than 15 days without electricity with 120 children in home.

This is a small example to show the affected interior villages in the southern part of Kanchipuram district.

On  13th of November we celebrated the parents meeting of the children’s home. Children’s expresses their talents by way of their cultural and martial art program. The education, health and the maintenance of the children’s home has been discussed and clarified with parents. The parent’s and their children have also felt and expressed that they can also visit as guest to those children who are without parents.

Children of Dr R Arulappa higher secondary school are performing the march fast on the Republic day celebration on 26th January 2012.


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