“WE” Group Meeting

“WE” group – (An Association for the students who are studying in University and other technical Institute) meeting held in CRDS on 26th December. This time parents also participated in this meeting.


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    AnnaMalai.I said,

    Wish U all,

    Initially I should be apologized for one thing that we have not attended that Meeting which has been held in CRTS. May be Quite busy work is the one of the initial reason for ZohoCorp (Formally Adventnet) guys. We have regretted so much about that.
    But after that moment,
    Once ,Our ZohoCorp (Formally Adventnet) pals(more then 12 members) has been recruited in our companies dining hall by M.K.Dinagaran. We have spoken much thing and traced out much ideas for getting the WE group in the good way of the life. Really it was nice meeting. ha ha have felt that meeting better then WE meeting which will be holding each and every 6 month.

    And one day , I ponder that was monday , We all have gone to meet father john.suresh , as we left our work for half day. Met and wished him. Then We have lunched our ides and questions which we have decided in that small group meeting , in front of our father. Spoken from 7 PM to 12 PM. At last he was so happy to met ourselves. And he has sworn that the selectable ideas will be taken effort in upcoming actions for the WE group. And also he has said that the ZohoCorp (Formally Adventnet) team will be the resource mobilizing team for the WE group.

    Hope it will be fine in the future and all the actions would be applicable and consistency too to getting we group much familiar better then that extant stage.


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