Article in Nienburg newspaper “Die Harke”

The following article was published on Tuesday, October 13, 2009.
Harke, Dienstag 13-10-09
“Recently nine students of the Albert-Schweitzer-School, Marion-Doenhoff Higher Secondary School and Realschule Langendamm left for the South-Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Andrea Schulte in den Baeumen, Regina Nuerge-Krug and Dr. Michael Krug accompanied the students on their visit in order to meet with 14 students of Dr. Arulappa Higher Secondary School. They were going to work on a common project. In week 1, everybody should get to know each other. The German group slept on campus and had all meals together with their Indian partners, so this was an easy task.
In week 2, the German group went to Ooty to visit St. Joseph`s Technical Institute and a textile company which produces in an eco-friendly and social-friendly way.
In week 3, the Indian and German group worked with fabrics. They did some tie-and-dye, some embroidery and made a wall-hanging. The journey was sponsored by ENSA (School Exchange with Partners in Developing Countries or Countries in Transition). The Werner-Erich-Stiftung from Nienburg also gave some financial assistance.
Photos and reports at”


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