Fr. John Suresh in Charge of CRDS

Dear all
Prayerful greetings from CRDS.
I am indeed very happy in introducing my humble self as Fr.B.John Suresh, the newly appointed Executive Director cum Secretary of CRDS. I am a diocesan priest and have been serving at Porur Nugambal, Chengalpattu Diocese for the past eight years. It is a rural Dalit parish. During my period there, I served as Correspondent in the school and the industrial training center, Rector at the Children’s home and pastor for the people of Sacred Heart Mission pastorate.
While I resume my new office, I thank for your great support and cooperation rendered to this organization in the past. I have more than a decade old relationship with CRDS and am well aware of its various activities in the past years. Promoting the living standard of the poor citizens by supporting their economical, political and cultural aspects, assisting children’s education, organizing the entire community with a holistic vision, preparing the vulnerable to face and manage disasters were all few examples of CRDS’ social concern.
CRDS’ intervention in to the lives of the poor has helped the people a lot to lead a dignified life and to regain their lost faith and hope. The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual. I am sure that this growth was possible because of your concern and the bountiful contributions you have rendered. The changes that happened because of our cooperation and those which are in progress will surely deliver a stipulated reformation of the needful society. Yet, the fact is that this society deserves a continued care and support.
Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal, says Arthur Schopenhauer. More developmental changes are the timely need of this society which would ensure a sustainable growth of each and every individual in the community.
While I thank you once again for all your generosity and continued support, may I seek your continued support and caring heart towards the wellbeing of the people whom this Institution cares about. At this juncture, I also take the opportunity to thank Rev.Fr.I.Yesu Anthony for his valuable service that he had rendered durng his office in the years 2004 – 2009.
I would be more privileged to be in touch with you through

or mobile phone +919443230165.

Thanking you again and assuring you of my sincere cooperation.
Fraternally yours

Fr.B.John Suresh

Executive Director cum Secretary


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