Fr. Suresh transferred

Fr. Suresh has been transferred to Chingleput Rural Development Society (CRDS). He is the director of that organistion. In addition to that the Bishop decided:

I had discussed at length with Fr. Suresh as to how best we could organize the projects in Neerpair. The present arrangement seems to be the best possible option at the given situation. I am truly concerned that your initiatives and efforts at Neerpair should bear the maximum desired results. To that end I have asked Fr. Suresh, as you have suggested, to be the administrator of the projects in Neerpair. I have also appointed Fr. Selvam Bellarmine who would Co-operate with Fr. Suresh in implementing the projects. Fr. Selvam Bellarmine is quite familiar with Neerpair and the projects. Ms. Nandhini will continue to be the vital link between the diocese and the projects. We can work out the details and see that everything goes smoothly. Kindly excuse my long and undue silence. I always love and cherish our friendship and partnership. Yours in the Risen Lord
+ Rt. Rev. Dr. A. Neethinathan
Bishop of Chingleput


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